Kat from Victorious!

Kat From Victorious

From a sweet and popular show on Nickelodeon, comes the amazing Kat from Victorious!

Okay, so Kat Valentine does not really spell her nameKAT … it is actually spelled “Cat” Valentine which is short for Caterina. Many people named Katherine or Kathy spell their name “Kat” for short, but Caterina is CAT! How cool is that?! :)

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So Cat Valentine is the cute, fun, bubbly, (sometimes ditzy) :) girl on the show Victorious.

Cat Valentine is played by Ariana Grande. She’s the kind of girl that’s just plain fun to hang out with! She’s the kind of girl that guys want, and the kind of girl that other girls want to be like.

Want to know how you can dress like Kat from Victorious?

Check out our official “Cat From Victorious” website by visiting CatFromVictorious.com! (This is the website with the correct spelling of “CAT”! :)

There you will find all the latest Cat Valentine fashions so you can dress just like Cat!

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